Nigella damascena, White

Found in my neighbour's garden, one windy London afternoon.

I had no idea what this was, but one of my friends on Flickr (jacilluch) pointed out very kindly that it was Nigella damascena. Quick googling revealed its also called devil-in-the-bush, presumably because of its beauty! :-)


Look at me! Look at me!

Self Portrait
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So, I venture out on a typical wet & blustry morning, and I remember to take my camera with me... my neighbours invite me to go through their shrubs, and voila! I find this lil fella going "look at me, look me!"...

He allowed me to get in pretty close, and if you view this in the large version, he seems to be enjoying the attention :-) And while I'm at it, this was one of the most difficult pictures I've ever taken (bugs all around me, the fear of upsetting this guy and spilling the raindrops, high winds)... I captured about 19 shots, and am uploading what I think is the best

And if you look closely, you can see my silhouette in two of the water droplets!


Freeze Action!

Freeze Action!
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I went to the Bushy Park in Hampton with my parents yesterday. The weather was great, and the geese were more than happy to have us, especially for food. One of them even snatched an apple off my mom's hands


Hmm...maybe there's some nectar left in there...

One of my most recent shots. I bought a canon 60mm macro lens for my camera a few days ago, and off I went with my mom in two, looking for some ripe subjects. Of course, as usual my mom knew better places than me.

So I found myself outside this house, with wonderful flowers in the garden, and a low-low fence, so I could shoot them.

Of course I started clicking away, and then a woman came out of the house and she was startled! :-) I quickly had to explain what I was doing (while she instead thought we were taking pictures of the house, which she had just bought!)..close call :-) ..but here's the effort.