More webcams on google

No, not the naughty kinds

Following my earlier post on this, I fiddled around with documents types and found some more interesting stuff on Google. Here's another query that gives you URL to webcams online.

Voila! The results are even better this time! Not only are there cams available for public viewing, but there are cams that you can pan and rotate, and even with sound! :
  • This one seems to be opposite to a car park, which you can zoom and rotate. You can change resolution
  • (Apparently) vet hospital - I could see a cat lying with one of those protective cones around its neck, and there were machinery bleeps on regular intervals that was probably monitoring its health closely. In the background I could hear footsteps, the kinds that are produced by high heels against hard surface. Nurses maybe? And occasionally, you can hear them talk and giggle. Either the cam is configured to rotate on itself, or maybe someone else was messing with it the same time as me :p Wait! There are two cats, and some woman's slippers there as well. Freaky...
  • This one says Carthage Square. The very first hit for "Carthage Square" reveals a weather cam on Carthage Square, in Carthage, Illinois. From the website: "..showing the area around the Hancock County Courthouse and the weather in Carthage. It is taken from the Station House Restaurant (thanks, Randy!) on the south side of the square, generally looking to the North.."
  • This one is from Cal Poly State University, CA, in some "hangar". You'll know what I mean
  • If you are into flowers and outdoors, here's just the cam for you :)
  • This perhaps is the one with most activity, in Minoshima, Japan. Any guesses to what it monitors? You can see ppl crossing streets, biking, and if you are sharp enough, you can spot registration plates of the cars passing by :-)
  • This monitors, what I think, a server room. The light were switched off when I was messing about with it, but you may have better luck!

Most of these ask you to install the Panasonic Camera Control OCX, which I was initially hesitant to install, but I took the plunge on my old PC, and ran the AV on it, without any problems. Further, most of these cams are in Japan and America, and some in Germany.

I must have broken so many laws tonight...

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