Citation Management tools

When I started writing out my thesis last time around, I ended up experimenting with various tools, open source as well as commercial:

  1. JSTOR - allows you to export citations to bibliographic software
  2. EndNote - probably the best commercial software in the category.

However, I didn't quite get to grips with working in a RTF file that EndNote wanted and then trying to manage my citations that way. I wanted a utility that could store my bibliography database, and produce a list of references that I had actually referenced.

Enter, Zotero. Probably the best tool in the category, and what's more, its open source! It has a fire-fox add-on, as well as MS Word plugin. You can create a bibliography database while browsing (using Firefox), export your database and import it into the Word plugin, and merrily produce your work. As you reference actual items, it keeps track of all references, and you can produce a Reference list, in the style of your choice!

However, I now hear this feature is available in Word 2007 as well, however, I haven't had a chance to play with it yet.

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