Solaris 10 on Vmware - failed attempts

Its official. After 2 days of messing around with various version of VMware (server as well workstation) and Solaris (9 and 10), I've given up trying to install Solaris 10 on VMware.

The problem started when I couldn't get VMware tools installed on my Solaris 10 image, since it couldn't find "svcprop" binary. A system-wide search didn't reveal anything either. Google didn't help much.

So, I upped and d/l a fresh copy of Solaris 10, restarted the process, and this time, I'd get stuck at Grub loader menu. At the time I was using VMware workstation 6, and it was suggested that I upgrade to VMware server, which I did.

Next attempt, same thing:

After fair bit of Googling, I thought, I gotta encourage GRUB to find the kernel, but alas, to no avail:

So I've given up on this, but if anyone finds a solution - please do let me know!

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