Why ScribeFire has a long way to go

Scribefire is an extension to Firefox, Chrome and Safari web browsers. I had used it in the past circa 2008 (so, an era, in Internet times). While it beats Blogger's (and a number of other, free blogging websites tools including wordpress), I had given up on it last time since I had run into intermittent problems (specifically around upload of images, losing posts while editing, etc)

Fast forward 2 years. I figure it would have had a number of improvements, and I'd be able to use it. Sure enough, I install it (and am pleased that it's available on Chrome as well - which I started using about a year ago). I decided to install it first of Firefox, just to see how things go.

  • I was able to authenticate myself with blogger
  • The interface seemed a bit better than before, even though the pane to write the post is still small and somewhat out of proportion
  • On Firefox, copy / paste of images work, but not on Chrome
  • When a post with images is published on Blogger on Firefox, images do not appear on Blogger.
  • When a post has images added to it on Chrome, it asks for access to Picasa Web Albums. All images are then uploaded to Picasa and referenced in the blog. Wonder why this doesn't happen on Firefox?
  • While trying to resize the "Post Content" pane on Firefox, if you accidentally click on the ScribeFire icon on the status bar, you lose all edits that you have made to your post. Without warning
  • The layout of the buttons (such as "Send to Blog") gets screwed up as you try to resize the ScribeFire panes
  • The small button above the ScribeFire add-on pane to close the add-on doesn't always work on Firefox
  • Since the button layout can get easily screwed up (at least on Firefox), you may find your post gets scheduled instead of being posted to blog
  • Adding links to posts is still archaic. At the very least, it should capture contents from the clipboard, making it easier to add hyperlinks
  • Users preferences should be remembered. For example, if an image is added to a post with orientation "middle", it should remember that as the default choice subsequently
  • Some keyboard shortcuts should be introduced for things such as adding hyperlinks. Where keyboard shortcuts already exist, these should be added to the tooltips
  • Posting with ScribeFire on Chrome doesn't always add a post to blogger. ScribeFire sometimes displays the posts as scheduled, but I couldn't find them on blogger.
  • ScribeFire doesn't seem to be handling the posting schedule properly. Two posts on the same day were posted in reverse order

On my wish list, I would also like to see:

  • A capability to add "References" to my post - this could simply be a bullet list of all links in the post (like another Firefox plugin, Zotero)
  • Ability to integrate with search engines to suggest more references on-the-fly

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